MBN Bau AG is a stock corporation under German law with headquarters in Georgsmarienhütte.


MBN Bau AG (headquarters)
Beekebreite 2 – 8
D-49124 Georgsmarienhütte
Phone 05401 495-0
Fax 05401 495-1190

Supervisory board:
·        Wilhelm Robben, Wallenhorst (Chairman) 

·        Prof Erhard Mielenhausen, Osnabrück 
·        Klaus Telljohann, Greven

Board of directors:
·        Theodor Wilken, Dipl.-Ing. (Spokesman), Melle
·        Jens Böhm, Dipl.-Kfm, Garbsen
·        Torben Stumpe, BSc MSc, Osnabrück

Courts of register:
District court of Osnabrück
Registration number:
HRB 110510
The VAT ID of MBN Bau AG according to §27 Sales Tax Act is DE 179407478

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