As a medium-sized construction and real estate company with 9 nationwide locations, we are there for you.



  • 05401 4950
  • info@mbn.de
  • Beekebreite 2 - 8
    49124 Georgsmarienhütte

Branch Hamburg

Branch Leinefelde

Branch Berlin

Branch Hannover

Branch Magdeburg

Branch Bielefeld

Branch Cologne

Branch Frankfurt

MBN Bau GmbH

As a wholly owned subsidiary of MBN GmbH with 4 locations in the NRW region, we are dedicated to your projects.


Branch Essen

Central calculation Cologne

Branch Düsseldorf

Branch Cologne
(MBN GmbH)

Branch Bonn

MBN International

With branches in Riga, Poznan and Bourgas, we are also on site for you abroad.

MBN Bulgaria GmbH
Location Bourgas
  • ulica Knaz Al. Battenberg 1
    BG - 8000 Bourgas
MBN Polska
Location Poznan
  • ul. Gorki 7
    PL - 60 - 204 Poznan
MBN Baltics SIA
Location Riga
  • Mukusalas iela 101
    LV - 1004 Riga

Rheiner Stahlbau GmbH

Rheiner Stahlbau GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of MBN GmbH. Through this partnership, we generate synergies that come into play in the diverse, joint construction projects in the form of strategic investments.

Branch Rheine