The MBN partner concept is a management approach that focuses on the cooperation between the contract parties and project participants. The resulting focus on joint project objectives is to exploit win-win potential, to make project handling more efficient and to minimize potential conflict. We are convinced that this innovative approach can advantageously transform and further develop the conventional contract models and  project execution forms for the contractual parties and other project participants. On the basis of mutual trust and common goals, this makes projects more cost-efficient, faster, qualitatively better and therefore more satisfying for all parties involved.


Wohnen in Hannover

Living Complex Heinrich-Köhler-Gardens

Current, Living, MBN-Partnerkonzept, Turnkey building

Living appartment complex Dolgenseestraße, Berlin

Current, Living, MBN-Partnerkonzept, Turnkey building

Wohnhäuser in Hannover

Listholzer bankside views

Current, Living, MBN-Partnerkonzept, Turnkey building

Jungheinrich Head Office

Administration, Current, MBN-Partnerkonzept, Metal and facade construction, Turnkey building